Java -- Runs all the time - bug?



Im trying practice java but I cant run, it seems that its running all the time. Can it be a bug?


I'm having the same issue with the SQL course at the moment. I presume something is down somewhere.


I saw so many same post in JavaScript, Java ect. I think we have to contact Admin!!! :hushed:


If it is spinning and won't stop, you many have sent it an incorrect command. If you post what you tried we can have a look.


Hi, I tried to code like this

if(2015 < 2016) {

		System.out.println("Stuck in the past...");

	} else if {

		System.out.println("Upgraded to the future!");


but it runs and runs all the time, im tired of refreshing
the complier should warn and I should see a run button on it..


if I type other things it runs and runs..
I dont think its the looping it must be a bug!


I'm getting this:

I'm sure that I have 0 loops :smile:


what! :dizzy_face:

hmmm maybe Google Chrome problem?


If it keeps doing this, use the Report a Bug tool on the exercise page.


I did. but nothing changed :stuck_out_tongue:


If there are enough reports, someone will notice.