Java or C#?

I am interested in expanding my knowledge, and I am thinking of doing both Java and C#. Which language would be beneficial to learn first, in terms of learning the concepts of these types of languages. I already know Python and Ruby. Any advise would be appreciated!

I don’t know much about the actual differences in the codes.
I believe though that Java is more universial and can work on any computer, were as C# is primaraly for Microsoft.

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Any reason for those in particular?

Aside from having static typing, I struggle to think of what new things they’d throw at you.

If I got to choose for you I’d sooner point you at rust


Hello. Thanks for the reply! Is there any reason Rust would be better/more challenging/have more new content than Java or C#? I’ve looked into Java and C# / C++ more than I have Rust.

I imagine that while learning java/c# you’ll read about lists and loops and methods and err… so what, you already know this from python/ruby. These are not very interesting languages.
They’re pretty good at what they do, nothing really wrong with them, but what are you gaining?

Rust will introduce you to more new things and disallows more bad ideas. By satisfying the compiler you are being made to practice writing better code which is something you can bring with you to other languages.

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Thank you very much! I was also looking for languages I could learn in Codecademy, but I will definitely look into Rust.

If you want something really different you could look at clojure or haskell. Those will be like starting over from hello world if you only know imperative languages. Clojure is probably much easier to learn because haskell’s compiler is incredibly strict (rust might be able to serve a bit like a gateway drug in that regard)
rust has better support for functional programming than python/ruby/java/c#
rust would also be bringing you closer to C which is probably the single most important language in terms of what our current ecosystem is built out of

Ok, thanks. Do you know any good places to learn Clojure/Haskell?

No clue.
That rust endorses and includes a book for it is such a great move in providing a clear way to get introduced to it. Comes with a language server and automatic code formatting as well.

When I introduced myself to clojure, I did exercism’s track and got by through googling because it’s a really straight-forward language and I was able to find examples of how to carry out various operations. Haskell is more likely to make you stare blankly into the distance even for simple problems. I don’t know what a reasonable way to learn either of them is.


Thank you very much!

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