Java Lessons suspended?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start learning JAVA today, but I can not do any execises.
I can not make any inputs into the code editor, Its just an emtpy window which can not be selected.

Is the Java course undergoing maintainance, or is it broken/a bug?

Are you sure that you try to type to the right window?

Yes I am shure, I already did a few lessons on codecademy and I know, what the editor is supposed to look like.
Also the middle window says “code editor” :wink:
I also tried different browsers, but with the same result.

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Interesting. I have the same issue.

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I don’t know if this could help, but I came back to and tried to go to an exersice, that I haven’t unlocked yet.

After that, this thingy bumped to my display:

“Oops! It looks like you can’t access this exercise yet! Click below to resume where you left off.”

I clicked resume, and after it everything was fine.

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Yes it did work once for me.
I did a few exercises, then I went to my lunch break.
Now even your workaround does not work anymore for me :confused:

I can resume to the execise directly. But it seems like this only works on random.
Very annoying :frowning:

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Exactly the same for me, cant get it to work at all.

Update 03/01

I reported the issue and since have been getting the following message

“There are a lot of people taking this course right now! It might be unavailable until the crowd clears.”

Ok so I also checked this and it does seem like all the lessons while they have saved progress have lost all their code and nothing can be done to run or code on them. However, while this might be a bug, we don’t need 20 people commenting on this thread about how it is not working! I would suggest filling out a bug report and submitting it to codecademy and let the moderators/admin see this thread and see for themselves the problem and then something can be done about it. Thanks to @mrmrtony for bringing this to light!

Note: I might even suggest a moderator close this thread or at least post an update when something else comes up just to keep the information flowing


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