Java - Introduction to Java - #5, can't move past first step

We’re declaring variables and I can’t move past the first step. It keeps asking me if I set myNumber to 42, which I did. My code is below:

public class DataTypesC {
public static void main(String args) {

	int myNumber = 42; 



Looks like you’ve got the wrong file somehow, does refreshing the page get you a different one? The file should be but your class name and probably also your file name is DataTypesC(.java).

Are you aware of anything unusual happening or having done anything out of the ordinary while moving on from the previous exercise that might explain why the wrong file loaded here?

The submission test checks the file, so you need to gain access to that…somehow, please do tell if you have any ideas about how it happened or how to get around it

Would you be able to paste a screenshot of your whole browser in here so that we can see everything that you see?

And just in case we need it, could you include your operating system and web browse please?

I searched the topic Java and found this old Topic anyway maybe someone can help me to understand what is Unused javascript?
I actually developed a website Fitness 19 and when I run a speed check it says speed is slow because of unused javascript.
which I had no idea what is it. Is there anyone who can help, please?

Hi, you’ll want to ask this question under the javascript section, not java.

@fitfood be sure to add more details (like how you developed your site)

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