Java, I think a cheat sheet could be made, etc


Just starting out Java,
Finished the first exercises, they where a nice way to get comfortable with Java.

I think a cheat sheet could be made to better explain all the terminology, especially for those who’s first language isn’t English, and have that wall to jump over as well.

I also think it would be good to do a little more explaining on how the Constructors, Instance Variables, Objects, and parameters interact with one another. Obviously it’s a “Top to bottom”, “left to right” approach, with values inserted on the top being loaded before objects lower in the file.

I’ve also had quite the trouble getting it running correctly under Windows 10, Java 8 (JRE I believe?), and Chrome browser.
It just doesn’t run under edge.

I also went back to older lessons, and when wanting to redo an older lesson, all the consequent lessons get deleted :frowning: :’(

So I’ll have to do them again, but that’s good exercise.

It’s just a hobby for me, to get to know something more in the coding world. I don’t think I’ll ever get far with it. :sunglasses:

I think my nickname should be JackOfAllTrades! LOL :smiley:

If you investigate the Oracle site, the current maintainers of Java, there are plenty of explanations provided. Why not search on the WWW ?

A class is a template. Think of building a vehicle. The engineering drawings are your template.
Every instance of that vehicle on the factory floor is an object.

Parameters are variables that are passed to and returned from functions.
Functions or Methods allow an object to do work.
That vehicle analogy again. The engine is a method that allows the object to work.
You put in fuel, a parameter, and drive the vehicle, another method, and the vehicle takes you somewhere - the return value, your destination.

Or you simply keep the vehicle in your garage and look at it. That’s like someone instantiating a class and not using the object in a program.