Java:error invalid method declaration; return type required

class TacoSupreme extends Taco
   private int sourCream;
   private int blackOlives;

   public TacoSupreme()

      System.out.println("Making a default Taco");

      sourCream   = 1;
      blackOlives = 1;

   public Taco(int bee, int bea, int che, int let, String nam, int sc, int bo)
       super(bee, bea, che, let);

       System.out.println("Making a default TacoSupreme");

       sourCream   = sc;
       blackOlives = bo;

    public void printTaco()
       System.out.println("sourCream   = " + sourCream);
       System.out.println("blackOlives = " + blackOlives);

    public int weight()
       return(super.weight() + sourCream + blackOlives);

    public void gutBomb();

public class Lab8
   public static void main(String args[] )
      BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( ));

      String input_string;
      String name;
      int beef;
      int beans;
      int cheese;
      int lettuce;
      int sourCream;
      int blackOlives;

      System.out.println("Custom Taco");

      System.out.println("Enter your name");
      name = input.readLine();
      System.out.println("name = " + name);

      System.out.println(" How much beef you want");
      input_string = input.readLine();
      beef = Integer.parseInt(input_string);

      System.out.println(" How much beans you want");
      input_string = input.readLine();
      beans = Integer.parseInt(input_string);

      System.out.println("How much cheese you want");
      input_string = input.readLine();
      cheese = Integer.parseInt(input_string);

      System.out.println("How much lettuce you want");
      input_string = input.readLine();
      lettuce = Integer.parseInt(input_string);

      System.out.println("How much sourCream you want");
      input_string = input.readLine();
      sourCream = Integer.parseInt(input_string);

      System.out.println("How much blackOlives you want");
      input_string = input.readLine();
      blackOlives = Integer.parseInt(input_string);

      System.out.println("The above taco supreme weight is: ");
      return(beef + beans + cheese + lettuce + sourCream + balckOlives);

      TacoSupreme t1 = new TacoSupreme(bee, bea, che, let, nam, bo, sc);

Why does your TacoSupreme have a Taco constructor? A class can only have on constructor, given the class is TacoSupreme the only constructor which should be public TacoSupreme()

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