Java download


salut je veux installer java sur mon pc en utilisant c pour l’univérsité mais le site m’a donné bcp de version et tt se fonctionne ke avec le linux j’ai besoin d’aide sv et merci beaucoup


for linux follow the instructions for the distro, for example for ubuntu:

given we can use use apt or ppa (depending on the JDK required) to install java

its important to understand that OpenJDK and OracleJDK exist, you need to find out which one you need:


but i need it for windows 10 do u have any info about that ?


Why is there mention of Linux in your question then? Google translate didn’t translate everything properly

Videos exist for this matter:

The oracle website also has a java section:

at the bottom you have download for developers, given you are going to develop software, you need that button, which should redirect to a page with instructions


For Ubuntu 16.04 version server, follow this article to install Java in your ubuntu server.


The installation should be for windows:

so not sure what value a ubuntu installation would add