Java course is lacking

Greetings, everyone.

This is more of an suggestion, and maybe a little complaint.

I just completed the Java course, but I do not feel like I learned much. I mean, there are so many things that got omitted from the course, that are essential to learning Java: interfaces, encapsulation, multithreading, access modifiers, more data structures, polymorphism, abstract classes…and many other things without this Java course is not worth much, IMO.

I think that it would really benefit from an overhaul.



All of the courses seemed to be geared around getting your feet wet. Learn the syntax and some programming fundamentals - so that you can learn these things on your own.

All of the topics you mentioned could cover multiple college level courses.
A separate - Advanced Java would be more appropriate than thrusting beginners into multithreading


Exactly, most of these online sites are about learning syntax.

Thank you. The thing is that I have already learned basics such as syntax, I came here to brush up my knowledge.

I literally flew through everything this course offered, because I already know it well.

Advanced Java course would be very helpful.


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Maybe Its time for you to take a college course on something like Computer Science.