Java Code Glitch

Whenever I complete an exercise and I move on to the next one, the code for the previous exercise still displays. This causes problems because even if you have the right code, Codecademy will sill think it is wrong. The only way to fix this is to refresh the page every time. This is starting to become annoying, so does anyone have a solution / the same problem?


OS/Browser? Any firewalls that you’re aware of? (school/work likely has firewalls)

I’ve seen 2-3 others have this issue, also in Java. I’m unable to reproduce.

I am using the latest version of OS X 10.11 and Chrome 49.0.2623.87. I am using codecademy from home, and I doubt that firewalls are the cause of the problem. Surprisingly, using windows works, so I don’t know what the problem is.