Java Boolean operators


Please, how do you write the or code?? i'm stuck on Java 5/11 Help


While we cannot just give you the answer, we can work with you to help you understand and solve the problem you are facing. :slight_smile:


I mean how to write the vertical bars, the ASSCII codes I write are recognized as numbers, help, when I used (==) instead of the vertical bars, it worked, but the I just didn't use the right code ( or operator so you don't misunderstand)


Ohh what kind of laptop do you have it is different on some? But if you look on the right side of your keyboard (Assuming its the standard layout) there is a the key with the forward slash [ / ] if you hold shift and press that key twice you will get the OR operator


IT's fine, I got the ASCII code but thanks for trying to help


if (9>7)
System.out.println("Wrong...Try again...")
}else {
System.out.println("Success"); }

Anything wrong with this code??


The closing bracket on this line,


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