Java Beginner - Writing a Class - Error Illegal start of an expression

Hello! I am very new to Java, and this error is throwing me off big time. I have written a method inside a class, but I’m having a super tough time getting the code to run without errors.

Currently an error on line 15 “illegal start of an expression”

Any help pointing me in the right direction is GREATLY appriciated

public class Pet {
   // Instance fields
   private String petType;
   private String petName;
   private int petAge;
   private int dogSpaces;
   private int catSpaces;
   private int daysStay;
   private double amountDue;

   // Constructor with two parameters
   public Pet(String type, String name, int age) {
      // Initialize local variables for pet type (cat or dog)
      String cat = "Cat";
      String dog = "Dog";

      // Conditional statement to determine type of pet checking in
      if (petType == "Cat") {
         petType = cat;
         return petType;
      } else {
         petType = dog;
         return petType;

      petName = name;
      petAge = age;

   // Mutator methods
   public void setPetType(String) {
      // FIXME - user input for pet petType
      petType = type;

public class Cat {
   private String petName;
   private int petAge;
   private int catSpaceNumber;

   public Cat() {
      name = "No name";
      petAge = 0;
      catSpaceNumber = 0;

   public void getCatSpaceNumber(int spaceNumber) {
      catSpaceNumber = spaceNumber;
      return catSpaceNumber;

There might be a problem here:

Your constructor for Pet can return strings … constructors normally don’t have a return written in there at all.

this code

should be
public void setPetType(String petType)
~ the name of the argument variable was missing.

Also, in the Cat class
in the constructor,
name should be petName so that it matches the instance field [or property] for the class.