Java Beginner Project Ideas

I finished the Java course and I’m feeling great, the droid project was lots of fun. It was a fun challenge to figure out a battery swap method using only 1 variable in the method (hint: X=A, A=B, B=X).
I hate to sound arrogant but I’m craving something with a little more challenge and practical application. The droid project, all be it fun, only took me about an hour to finish and I really want to feel like I can actually write a program. Like something I can compile, double click that sweet .exe I made and watch my work come to life.
The only problem is I have no idea what to make or how to implement things like a GUI or user inputs.
Any ideas or past projects that would be easy enough for a beginner like me to create, or resources to guide me through making my first .exe?

It is best to learn more first then.
This website may be helpful