Java Android App Developer - How long does it take?

So I’m learning both C# and Java and am really liking it so far. I’ve started entertaining the thought of expanding my career (I’M NOT A PROGRAMMER) and perhaps evolve as an android app developer using Java (yes I know about other options, but after consideration and consultation I chose to focus on Java).

Here are my questions:

  • I want to be my own boss (as I am now)

  • I want to work more for smaller gigs (or create my own)

…so the questions are…

  1. In your experience, how long does one need to study in order to start developing android apps (if one is willing to study daily)?
  2. Will a year of consistent effort and study suffice to start?
  3. And - how much can one earn as a self-employed java android app developer?

I’m not in a rush to earn more or find a career, as I’m financially stable and enjoy what I’m doing. Yet I want to expand.

Really looking forward to your input!

Thanks & Cheers! :grinning: :pray:

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