“Jammming” Spotify Playlist Submission w/ play song Functionality

Hey coders. Would love for you to check out my Spotify playlist creator submission and let me know what you think. It was my first time incorporating API into a project as well as my first time converting a React project into a web app on GitHub, but gladly it all came together.

I also added play song functionality but it only works for Spotify Premium members, and I don’t have one so let me know if it’s working properly because I didn’t get to test that aspect out.

GitHub Link
Web App Link

Hi!. I try to search for a song but I did not get the results. I open the console and I got some errors:

hmm that’s weird, I used it on both my computer and phone without problems

Yes, I know. I also tried to use it on an Incognito browser but also got the same errors:

The only issue I can think of is either where you live is triggering the forbidden error or some other problem with your spotify account. I see you commented on a couple of other people’s submissions too and said you got similar errors on theirs. So its most likely something on your end.

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Hello, I finally managed to understand the reason for the error I am receiving, apparently as the app is in development mode, other people can access it, I must add their email address registered in spotify to my dashboard. If you wish, we can share our email addresses (in a private message) to review our apps and give feedback. This is the link of my app: jammmingbrowser.netlify.app

You did an excellent job Angela! Do you have a Github ? I am trying to get my Search button working to get the songs, I have my login with spotify working.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. This is my repository: https://github.com/ANGELA-PARGA/JAMMMING. I recently did some changes and I have a lot of console.log for debugging a problem that I had on the refresh token. I hope you don’t mind. Also, if you need to try the app functionality you can send me your email (spotify email account) on a private message so I can add it to the spotify dashboard.

Hi Guys, i was also creating the same app but kept on getting the ‘CORS’ error while calling for authorization.

Was just wondering if someone else also got the same error.

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