Jammming React Project - Can't publish on github pages

So I could really do with some help… I’ve been at this for hours and cannot get it to work! As part of the full stack development career path I created the Jamming Create-react-app Project. You can see it here. However no matter what I do I cannot create the github pages to show it live. All I get when I do is the readme. I’ve followed everything I can find online to no avail! Please help.

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Probably a bit late but i ran into the same issue and those links helped :

Your issue here is in the fact that github is setup to show html / CSS projects. To display a React App conveniently there are a few steps more to do which are described in the links above !

Cheers !

Hi I am having the same issue and I just followed what those pages were doing and I seem to be missing something. Are you on discord or anywhere ? Were you able to get your Jamming project deployed?

Hello !
Yes after quite a bumpy ride i managed to have my project somewhat deployed ! can you give me a bit more info about your issue ?

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for answering my question! I eventually managed to get it published via Netlify. THanks