Jammming Project FeedBack

Would you please check and give feedback.
If you click and hold on the track(search or playlist track) You can add or remove.

Thank you

Hello! I tried to look your web app, the log in page was beautiful but when I tried to log in I got some errors and it is not working:

Hello Angela Thank you for testing.

I thought delete this post:) for who nobody don’t replied this.
Do you have spotify account? Do you see authoriztion page?
Oturum aç - Spotify? after login that your account infos

An additional question, is there permission to use local storage in Chrome browser?
Thank you

https://allforus.com.tr/ project also published here. Please try at this link again

I think, I found the solution, angela I should add the your spotify email adress into my client app dev user. Because my app is not yet production app it is still development app.

Hi. I could log in into your web app. I clicked Log In, authorized spotify, and was redirected to the homepage. Aesthetically it looks great!. I watched it for a few seconds, then I clicked on one of the playlists I have stores in my spotify account and it started crashing. Again, I have several errors on console that I’ll show you in a screenshot. The truth is that I’m not sure if it’s something that fails in your application or the problem is in my browser or my environment, since I’ve had similar errors (403) with other web apps I’ve seen. The spotify API works great in Colombia (where I am located) so I could create my app without issues (here it is: https://jammmingbrowser.netlify.app. But I am not sure why I got the errors trying to watch other people projects

Yes You got the error 403 because you are not registered user for my develop mode app. If you send me spotify registered email adresses(private message) I can add to your email in to allowed test user list(I already added two my frends) Also I checked your app and its so greatfuly but I got the 403 unauthorized error. Because my spotify user dont exist in your development mode app. I can send spotify registered email for test if you want(private message)

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Thanks for your reply, I had no idea that I should add the emails of those who want to use the app while it is in developer mode. I already sent you my email via private message, I hope you can send me yours. Finally, I loved the graphic proposal of your app (similar to the Spotify dashboard) and how you integrated profile picture and images for each playlist, I’m considering doing it later.