Jammming Project - differences in react template files

I’m just starting out the Jammming capstone project and after creating a template using create-react-app, I noticed that there are some differences between the template I have and what the video illustrated.

There may be more differences, but so far, I noticed there is no serviceworker.js file – instead there is a reportWebVitals.js file.

Could someone elaborate on the implications of this?


I just finished the Jammming project (though it’s a lil buggy) and didn’t touch those files after using create-react-app.

I’m actually remaking the project using functions and state hooks (which you learn in the next section) and just left the files when I did create-react-app. Seems to be working ok so far.

Maybe someone with more experience can comment on exactly what the files are. My guess is that create-react-app has been updated since the video and so has some differences.