Jammming project completion

Hey coders. Would love to showcase my jamming project submission . first time using a large company’s api in a project. Took me about a month to finish. it just like a spotify clone, you can search, add to playlist , create playlist , folllow and unfollow an artist or user and you can also use the site without being logged it but some of these features wont be available. Due to the site being on development mode according to spotify docs you wont be able to log in without me registering your email first. so if you wan tot use the log in features you can just comment your email so i can register it.
site link
github repo

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You have a nice UI there.
The login feature isn’t working properly so I couldn´t try other features like creating a playlist and send it to my Spotify account.
Congrats for this project.


The login feature isn’t working because of how spotify set their api usage. for you to be able to login i need to register your email and name with spotify. So if you are still interested in checking out the features you can just reply with your email and name. Thanks for the feedback

Hi. I gladely would like to try in deep your application.
Name: rui
email: [email protected]
If you want you can also try mine here https://jammming-by-rsilva.vercel.app/
but for that you should also give your name and email.

Yours also looks nice, but the search feature isnt working yet, once you’ve registered my email please let me know so i can test the functionalities. i’ve registered yours so you can test the login features

email: [email protected]
name: Clinton

I’ve registered your name and email.
I tried yours but still not working. I got this message.

is the email you sent the one you used to open your spotify account?. Please check it well
and yours works now, it even has the preview. i’m thinking of adding playing of songs feature to mine using soundcloud api or something else since spotify dosent provide the audio only previes

please, try this email [email protected] and name Rui Silva.

I’ve added it. Now you can test it. If you would like to connect so we can collaborate on project you can drop your Twitter link so I can follow you

You have a nice and complete Spotify app. It would be nice to collaborate on projects. I don’t use X very much, so I would prefer LinkedIn
Feel free to contact me.

Thanks bro… I’ll message you