Jammming project complete

I’ve just finished my jammming project.
It took a hard work and many hours despairing of finding a solution, but it worth it.
I have two versions, one where you can create a playlist using a mock list of songs and another where I implemented Spotify web API where you can search songs or authors, create a playlist and save it on your Spotify account.

Version 1 :
Repo: GitHub - rui775/jammming-byRui
Website (GitHub Pages): Make my Playlist
Website (Netlify): https://jammming-by-rui.netlify.app/

Version 2:
Repo: GitHub - rui775/jammming-spotify-by-rsilva
Website (Vercel): https://jammming-by-rsilva.vercel.app/

Give feedback please.

Thanks in advance. Cheers

In order the Vercel deploy to work send me your name and e-mail (Spotify web API requirements).