Jammming Part 1 - point 69

Hi Everyone

I am working on the jamming project (Part 1). I got to the part about the search bar and at around point 69, I no longer understand the instruction. Point 69 is:

  1. In SearchBar.js, create a method called search that passes the state of the term to this.props.onSearch.

I am not sure what ‘state of the term’ refers to. Any help would be gratefully received.


I am sure it is far too late to help, but I read this as the current value of the search term.

After watching the documentation it is actually talking about setting a state value, ie this.state.term, to be equal to the value in the search box. This section was very unclear…I wish there were more explainers for steps, but by this point of the project they had eliminated all the hints and the instructions started growing more vague.

Thank you for your response. I somehow got past this, but I think it was by trying all permutations. I have found that by double learning some stuff on youtube, I can get past most sticking points.

Good luck with your work

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