Jammming feature request: how to stepwise follow the effects of your code?


I have a newbie question :slight_smile: I am following the Full stack engineer career path and am currently halfway. I just finished the Jammming project and I now plan to work on the Jammming feature request.

The nice thing about React is that while working on a project, you can instantly evaluate the effect of each new line of code in the browser. However, for the Jammming project to work with the Spotify API, it needs to be hosted on a server. Therefore I cannot track the effects of my lines of code while working on it, since it is then hosted on Localhost.

So in order to properly test my code, I would theoretically have to make a build of the project and upload it to a server after each line of code. This is of course not workable.

Does anyone have a suggestion how this can be done more efficiently? Are there any alternatives?

Hi @stijnklijn
I’m not sure if I understand correctly, I have neither done the deployment of the Jammming project, nor the Feature Request yet. But the interaction with the Spotify API should work from your local host as well. You should be able to see the saved playlist in your account on your Spotify app if you got everything to work properly. Did you set the Redirect URIs in your developer account to http://localhost:3000?

Hi @mirja_t ,

Previously that didn’t work, the browser gave me an error, something like “cannot redirect to http://localhost:3000”. However I tried it again and now it works. Strange, I don’t know what changed in the meantime but for now my problem is solved :slight_smile: Thank you!

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