Jammming Error in node_modules\eslint-config-react-app\base.js


I am having an issues as I have begun the Jammming project. I am getting the following error that I believe won’t be included in the project video as it is in the react app itself. Where should I start with this issue?



I ran into the same problem and it seems to be triggered by the letter casing in the file path that you type into the terminal when changing directories. Compare the two file paths shown in the error message and note how in the first one, after the “eslint-config” part, the second “Jammming” starts in uppercase and in the second file path, after “BaseConfig”, it starts in lowercase.

The file path you type into the terminal after the “cd” command should match this “BaseConfig”.

I also ran into the same problem and @pdafreddi 's suggestion fixed it! Thanks!