Jammming can't find searchResults array in TrackList

I’ve been following along with the video on the Jammming project, and when I get to the point where I’m supposed to write in TrackList.js
this.props.tracks.map(data => {
It keeps telling me “Cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined”. When I look at the components I can see that the props are passed down successfully; under TrackList it shows a prop of tracks that has a value of the array that I passed down from the state in App.js.
However, when I console.log this.props.tracks, it shows me four logs. Two that have the array, and two that say undefined.

If it’s helpful, this is what I’ve written in the constructor in App.js:
this.state = {
searchResults: [{
name: ‘name1’,
artist: ‘artist1’,
album: ‘album1’,
id: 1
name: ‘name2’,
artist: ‘artist2’,
album: ‘album2’,
id: 2
name: ‘name3’,
artist: ‘artist3’,
album: ‘album3’,
id: 3

And this is what I’ve written in the Render:

And then in SearchResults:

And yeah, it can’t seem to find it in TrackList. Even though the DevTools shows it being there.

Thank you!