Jammming - after authentication, search is not working

On Jammming project, after pressing Search, I’m being authenticated on Spotify, and authorising the app in my Spotify account.
After authenticating, and being redirected to the jamming app page, search field becomes empty, and search is not working.

Any clue?


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I suggest looking at the browser’s console for clues.

It’s normal for the search field to be empty and there to be no results after being redirected back from Spotify with how this project is designed in the instructions, but searches after that should produce results until the token has expired. There’s likely an error after you search a second time in the browser’s console.

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I’d second what @selectall said.

  1. The way the app is designed, the first search is lost when the user is redirected for authentication and returned to the app. In the front-end engineer career path there is even a ‘Feature Request’ extension to this project where they suggest you could work on fixing this issue as optional.

  2. If the search isn’t working at all, only way to work out the issue is with some troubleshooting.
    If you want help with this, here’s some tips:

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I’ve got this problem now. Is it working for you now?

Hi Everyone,

I have the same issue. Did anyone solve it?

same problem any solution ?