Jamming Spotify not available in your Country :(

is this the end of my path …Im just feeling soo sad that I cant access spotify in my country…I had finally started understanding everything …Step 80 was the saddest…

I’m sorry to hear you hit a roadblock on that project due to availability issues.

Try not to get discouraged. You did great on your Ravenous project, and you’ve progressed quite far into this project, so you’re definitely retaining the knowledge and building your skills.

Maybe you could work on a personal project in its place.

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codecademy is the best thing that ever happened to me…I cant belive how much far along I have come already…I might cry one after getting that certificate…they trusted me with a free pro membership and Im just soo happy and Im soo emotional right now Im sorry I cant belive I did it I made the course and actually understood stuff…now its for me to do more practise with other projects from everywhere else that I can follow along with…

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That demonstrates that they trusted & invested in the right person. You’re making them proud.