Jamming Spotify API Project

Hi, here my complete project!! I hope someone can test that and give me their feedback! :slight_smile:
Site: https://jamming-lwtr.netlify.app/
Github Repo: GitHub - Lowtierre/jamming
My version is not fitted for mobile, so in small devices the design is very ugly for now…


I tried to open the site but it didn’t open.

Mmmm, very strange. I don’t understand the reasons for my site doesn’t work well! Someone tell me he can use the site e save the playlist (for example I’m able to do it), someone else can open the site but it no work well! Are you no redirect in my site or just didn’t it work???

this what happens:


Okay, the same with Google Chrome?

Checked out your site, brother. Looks slick! Your styling is really caught my eye. Love the background aesthetic! Great work! :+1: :muscle:

I saw it o a browser called arc and its so beautiful good job man

Thank you very much!! But the search of the tracks doesn’t work, do it?? Cause i received some positive and some negative feedback about this point of project

Thank a lot! Can I ask u if you can find tracks and save playlist on your account?? Someone is not able to do It and I don’t understand why

Hi, I think the issue is with how Spotify sets up how the API works. In the dashboard of your Spotify App you must add users manually so they can authenticate themselves with the token you provide. Granted the API seems buggy, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, however I believe the API is set up intended to work only for the people you manually registered in the dashboard. So no issue with your code actually!
All the best!