Jamming Search WDS hold


So my Jamming page work almost perfect, except that when I search for something I get no results and DevTools shows:

Anyone knows what this means?

After you search the first time, you should be redirected to a Spotify page to request permission. Spotify then redirects back to your application with a URL that includes the access token and the number of seconds. The URL looks something like:

The search doesn’t actually get performed yet because it didn’t have an access token. If you search again in that same session after you’re redirected back, you should be able to get results because your app now has the access token it needs.

Now here’s the slightly confusing part that can throw people off. When you restart your session by making changes to your code, or refreshing the browser, or after a certain period of time, you need to get permission from Spotify again when you search. However, Spotify can remember that permission was previously granted, so it redirects back immediately with a new access token. This can appear like it’s refreshing without searching, but what actually happened was that it redirected back. You can look at the URL to confirm that. Searching again should yield results.

If you don’t get results even after you search a second time during that session, then there’s something wrong. Otherwise, this is normal behavior for the way authorization was implemented with the project instructions.

Great!! Thanks a lot!!

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