Jamming Project - Can't understand React

Hello to everyone.
I am taking Full stack developer career Path Lesson. I am in the Jamming project so far.
The thing is that …I am doing the project side by side with the solution video. I can’t even imagine do all that by myself. I find React really hard and I am terrified of what I will meet later in the course.
I had no issues and no difficulty with HTML, CSS , JS etc so far. I got all those pretty easily.
But now I think I can’t understand much…Even with the solution video.

What do you suggest? Do I have to keep trying to do the jamming project over and over again until I build it all by myself? Should I take the react lesson here in Codecademy. Maybe other tutorials?
Does anyone here also struggling with react or Is it only me?

My suggestion would be to push through it. This is definitely a huge project. I am split myself. I have been loving Codecademy so far, so I certainly don’t want to criticize the Jammming project. I understand that ideally we should probably grasp everything in the project by this point in the course, but it really is a lot especially compared to previous projects with about 15 steps each. I saw “0/99 Complete” and fell off my chair. If I loop over the project until I completely understand all of it, I will be on this section for another month! I grasp some of it, and some of it I plan to come back to once I finish the project and move on (the walkthrough video is invaluable). While async Javascript was a bit challenging, this was the first real roadblock I hit. But I am optimistic that, once I get through it, the upcoming sections won’t be any harder. BTW, I have college degrees in STEM and did a fair amount of coding before starting the full-stack program. So this is coming from someone with experience. Don’t beat yourself up too much! It is indeed like many college courses. It seems like it’s all over your head at first, but when you come back to it later you’ll start seeing all the patterns etc.


This is what developing is all about, it’s not going to be different when you get a job:) Just push through and dive into the next problem! Eventually things will get easier and easier. But developing is a bout problem solving, and being out in deep water is what it’s all about!