Jamming Project Blank Screen

Hi there! I’ve been working through the Jamming project and my webpage completely stopped rendering around step 34. The strange thing is I’m not getting an error or anything, it just renders to a blank page. I’ve gone through and redone a few things, fixing some capitalization and such but the problem persists. It would be nice to have an extra set of eyes take a look at it. I’ve uploaded the code to GitHub instead of posting it here since there are so many components.


When you are working with an application in a browser, always open the developer console. Frontend errors will be there.

You have at least two problems in your code:

  1. In Track.js on line 20 you used the this.renderAction( ) as a property without parentheses this.renderAction.
  2. In Playlist.js on line 10 you didn’t provide the tracks property to the TrackList component.

Try to fix these problems and see what happens.

It was the missing tracks property. I actually just figured that out after a few hours of reworking the project. Thanks for the advice!