Jamming not removing tracks

Honestly don’t know what is wrong with my code when trying to remove a track from a playlist. I see it bound could someone help me out [https://github.com/firefox1117/jamming.git]

On line 36 in App.js, in the removeTrack function, the line is

this.setState({playlistTracks: tracks}); // Lower case p in playlistTracks

However, when you pass the playlist tracks to the <Playlist /> component:

<Playlist playlistName= {this.state.PlaylistName} 
            playlistTracks={this.state.PlaylistTracks} // Upper case P in PlaylistTracks

Note the different capitalization.

The addTrack function also has the capitalization problem, on line 29:

this.setState({playlistTracks: tracks}) // Another lower case p in playlistTracks

Make sure that the capitalization is consistent.

thank you found that shortly after going through the code several times