James Webb Space Telescope

That this project is being delayed further is nothing less than a crime.


We were anticipating a launch in 2014. This is getting annoying. I’d like to see this telescope launched in my lifetime.


I certainly agree with you.

I at times feel bad for NASA. They have lost SO much of their funding in the past decade.
Since the space shuttle was deemed unsafe, I don’t think as many people have been willing to support them.

Ironicly, the same group that gave the go on the Apollo missions, decided that strapping your self to a ICBM practicaly filled with high explosives is dangerous, given it was for different reasons but still.

I think Space EX and other public owned companies may be progressing faster now than government ones.
After all NASA has been saying we should be to Mars in the next few years, for the past twenty.
I don’t believe it is their fault, I am sure many of the people there want us to go, but being supported by taxes, their funding at times must be put else were.

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