James' Bin

for lack of a better idea, I made this a website for a fictional espionage supply retailer. The site could definitely use some more styling and the data was all randomly generated, but since this was more about connecting data layers to the frontend I feel comfortable with share this at this point.

Early on a had some trouble getting up-and running on this project. When I made the backend for the previous E-commerce project I had used a session based local strategy with Passport. That worked perfect when testing the routes with Postman, but when I tried uses these same routes in React, I could not get the login/authentication to work. It took me awhile to figure out that the issue was with Chrome. It would not set a cookie since I was testing the React app on a different localhost port than the backend app. I eventually switched from session based auth to JSON Web Token, but I am curious if anyone else had this issue.

It is difficult for me to say exactly how much time this took, but I spent a significant amount of time working on this off-and-on over the last 2 months. I would also say that I probably learned more doing this project than I any of the other projects so far. Which makes sense since this is first project that covers the full-stack.

Since there is no free tier on Heroku I used a combination of Cyclic, for the app, and ElephantSQL, for the database. The free tier of ElephantSQL only allows 5 data connections which sometimes causes issues in the application. I probably should look into better ways of handling the connections in the application, but the free tier is only intended for experimentation so it is understandable.

Deployed: https://gentle-yoke-fish.cyclic.app/
Repo: https://github.com/jbhearne/jamesbin



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