Jam - Full Stack Spotify Playlist Generator - React | Styled Components | Express | Spotify API

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to share my solution to the Jammming Spotify API project.

Live Site


This has been a really fun project, I’ve been working on this for about a week now and decided to leave it as it is. It’s in a pretty good place I think, there are still a number of minor issues with the layout on mobile devices so I may do further work on it at some point.

The biggest challenges for me personally on this task were getting the various contexts set up. I decide to make this application full-stack which added an extra layer of complexity to the development. The most time-consuming thing has been working with the API and thinking about how to structure data flows in the most effective way.

There are a lot of further features I would love to put in like enhanced searching capabilites and displaying detailed information about the user and search results. Plenty of scope for further development in the future but I thought this was a good place to leave it for now and continue with the course.

Any feedback or suggestions welcome. I would be very keen to hear from anyone with more experience with APIs and servers on how I can improve or possibly simplify my approach in future.

Thanks all and have a great day!