Jack Julian Portfolio Project


I just finished uploading my project to GitHub and was looking for some comments on how to improve or change the elements to improve it. I was a little stuck when it came to adding JavaScript as I felt my actual layout didn’t really need it. Any comments are welcome.

The link again is: Jack Portfolio

I have also been having a lot of trouble with the sizing as on my laptop I am able to view everything perfectly even when set to iphone/tablet size, but when I open on a phone through the link it all seems off. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Jack Julian

Hi, Jack!

It appears that your images are not loading in correctly. Probably a pathing issue which is simple to fix. :slight_smile:

It seems quite odd as they load correctly when viewing through VS code but not GitHub page. Is there a different way I should be linking the images instead of the below example? Is it because the image is just local to my machine?

img src=“/resources/Avatar.jpeg”

Jack Julian

It can be confusing when it works one way but not the other. Your problem can be simply fixed by removing the “/” in front of resources. (Which will also work in VSCode)


Thank you for your help that worked :slight_smile:

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