I've completed my second project (dog years)

Here is my second project of the full stack course :slight_smile:

var myAge = 27;
// my human age

var earlyYears = 2;
earlyYears = earlyYears * 10.5;

var laterYears = myAge - 2;
laterYears = laterYears * 4;


var myAgeInDogYears = earlyYears + laterYears;

var myName = 'student';
myName = myName.toLowerCase();

console.log(`My name is ${myName}. I am ${myAge} years old in human years which is ${myAgeInDogYears} years old in dog years.`)

Hello! It seems you’ve completed the project well. One thing to note, in ES6 and higher JS, the general practise is to use let over var. Here is an article on the main differences between the two.

Hi! Thanks you, and I was already bit curious what the difference were between those two so this article really clears things up :slight_smile:

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