I've been loving the additions to the catalog :D

Maybe this is kinda random, but hasn’t anybody else been loving the Codecademy course catalog recently? Like, the two new beta courses: API Development with Swagger and OpenAPI, and Software Design Principles. I was literally just reading about those two things in a book I’m reading :flushed:
Idk I just find it so cool how everything came in perfect timing lol. Has that ever happened to anyone?
Also, I hadn’t checked the back-end career path in a while, and now there are tons of new things there that are reaaaally helping me out to understand topics that I was not understanding by just reading my book lol.

And like, everything is making sense now? And for some reason I’ve been enjoying the Codecademy content a lot more recently…I never thought I would love coding this much XD

anyone else feeling this way or is it just me? :sweat_smile:

don’t mind me I’ll go back to happily learn…hopefully you do too :relieved:


I kinda agree with you on this. I have been enjoying coding more than ever but not because of the new courses and stuff. When I first started back in January 2020 I chose to learn Javascript just because I hear about it a lot not because I thought it would be useful. But nowadays before I start learning a language I learn what it’s used for and think if I will use it. Now because of that and that I see how my work is improving over time from very simple HTML-only sites to semi-complex websites using HTML and CSS. Also when I am doing courses I see my work progressing.


Oh yeah, seeing yourself progress is such a big motivator to keep going. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying to code too :smiley_cat:

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Yea seeing yourself progress is a huge motivator. And one other thing is that I can now make professional-looking websites compared to just 2 and half months ago I could only code basic HTML only websites. And soon I am going to make a public website to show my work and to see how well I can code websites.

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Oh that sounds really exciting, I can’t wait to see your website when it’s done! :smiley_cat:
I should try making a small public project for others to see, but I’m kinda low on original ideas lately :cry:

Yea that’s what I will do. I will make it public for anybody to see.

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