Its says that its 1000 px when i put in 100


on lesson 19 it says i put in over 1300px when i only put in
100 and on lesson 23 it says this:
Oops, try again. Don't forget to set your p font-size to 18px! It looks like it's currently 18.333332061767578px.
don't you dare say use cmd 0 or control 0 because i have tried and it mush not work on elcappitan. i need help because this is extremely annoying and i need it to be fixed ASAP.

Thank you for replying

Lesson 19

Hello there.. Here to help you out..
Try posting your code so i can see what exactly is wrong with it.


I'm having the same problem with 19 but mine is when i put in 100px it says i put in like 1500. then i tried ems but they aren't accurate enough @stetim94


Could you show us your code? Did you remember to set the browser zoom to 100% (ctrl + 0 or cmd + 0 for mac), also, making multiply reply's won't get you a quick answer, please keep your question in one topic


div {
height: 100px


for some reason command zero doesn't work on my mac


maybe that's just safari


How to adjust zoom in Safari

Is this the only code you have under css? If not
Please paste all of it


this is all the code


i'll try google chrome


yeah chrome doesnt work