< It's saying I need to put in an image url. I already did but it's not taking it>


Replace this line with your code.


Can you paste in your code please so we can see and help.


I'm having the same problem. I tried to paste my code here, but all it did was add the pictures. Is there a way to show my code without it importing the pictures?


Okay, how is this?


Are you just putting in the image? If so then your doing good.


I was able to fix the problem. It was a spacing error.


Do you mind showing your fixed code? I have the same problem but I still don't understand how you solved it


you have to put space before the /> in your two img.


i have the same problem but i don't understand how to solved it


same problem. wont let me do anything i try.
What now? am stuck


I am stuck as well. double checked spacing but it still isn't working.


Check if you are using the right image URL. Just copy and paste the url.


Just found my mistake, embarrassing really. Thank you for trying to help though!


Awesome, that fixed it. Thanks.


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