Its say its font-style is 32px but its 16px

Changing the colors!

Big Heading

A giant bear and a little duck were friends.

But the bear got hungry and ate the duck.

We can’t help if we can’t see your code! Please take the steps here to make it visible.


I’m seeing the same issue as selina_weich20.

Here is my code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Changing the colors!</title>
		<h1 style="color:green; size:16px">Big Heading</h1>
			<p style="color:violet">A giant bear and a little duck were friends.</p>
			<p style="color:red; size:10px">But the bear got hungry and ate the duck.</p>

the property you need is font-size, not size.

Thanks for pointing that out, and my apologies for not catching it myself.

You’re welcome, that is what the forums are for. Took me like 5 seconds (don’t feel discouraged you didn’t get it, i programmed + debugged more then you if i have to take a guess)

If everyone caught there mistakes there would be almost no need for a forum

can you help me with this one?
here’s my code:

Loving the font changes

Big title

  1. This item is big Arial.
  2. This item is medium Verdana.
  3. This item is small Impact.

Hi @devslayer16088,

You’re using font-size=16px, but it should be font-size: 16px;, with a colon (:) instead of an equal sign (=) :slight_smile:

thanks. it helps a lot :slight_smile:

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says that my font size is 32px and should be 16px but i typed it correctly…what gives?

You forgot the colon after font-size

Hello! could someone help me with this?

@mercybenzaquen Line 7 should use style="...". Next time please create a new topic rather than using someone else’s .

I’m having the same problem. Can someone help? Probably a stupid mistake i don’t see. I already reset the zoom.

You have a space between style= and "color: ..... Remove the space and it should work.

Like @zystvan said, please create a new topic next time, instead of using someone else’s.


@jibblyj, you missed something.

@mbartron, font-size is one word with a hyphen/dash in between, you miss the hyphen

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Good spot.