It's Not All Animals and Fruits - SCT Error


Do you know what is wrong with my code? I get SCT Error (btw what that error means?).

class ShoppingCart(object):
	my_bill = {}

	def __init__(my_cart, name): = name

	def add_item(my_cart, item, price):
		my_cart.my_bill[item] = price

my_cart = ShoppingCart("Eric")
my_cart.add_item("Ukelele", 10)


Hi @emmaja,

An SCT Error is not a standard type of Python error or exception. Therefore what happened may be a result of a bug in the submission correctness test (SCT) for this exercise. I have reported the issue to Codecademy.

The purpose of an SCT is to check your code, and it does appear that the SCT for this exercise is looking for certain objects in your code that do not exist, and which the instructions did not ask you to create. Do you, by any chance, recall what code was originally on the page when you started the exercise? In particular, was there any variable named items_in_cart?


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