Its just not working


After putting in the answers and clicking submit, only the first answer prints and the screen does not change.

print "john"
first_name = gets.chomp

print "doe"
last_name = gets.chomp

print "danville"
city = gets.chomp

print "tri state area"
state = gets.chomp

puts "Your name is #{first_name} #{last_name} and you're from #{city}, #{state}!"


HI in your print statement should aske to enter something ... the first one...

print "john"
first_name = gets.chomp

should be something like that

print "What's is your name?"
first_name = gets.chomp

then when you Save & Submit Code the code you should type your name in the console then press Enter to go to the next question


Was i not supposed to edit the code with my answers? And also i tried
refreshing the page and not changing anything, when i clicked submit the
blue gear would stay turning like the first time. I will try typing the
anwers into the console next time.


Did you pass the lesson?... if not can you post a screenshot of your code?


I'm having the same issue here, it seems to not be working. The final line shows up "Your name is and you're from , !


Hi @blueseer, I just figured this out. We're not meant to change the actual code, but to run it as is, and then type our responses after.


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