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What exactly is the mistake I'm making here?


Hello @arraywhiz39529, did you look at the error on line 18 of your code? Look at inventory['gold'], since it holds 500, you can't assign 50 to it (as the error tells). You should reread instruction #5.


Hey gamer,

Thanks for taking the time to reply me.

Strangely, I changed the value of gold inside inventory dictionary and it worked.

I'm still trying to figure out if I can update or add to existing values in a dictionary



Hi Arraywhiz,
I think i've found a way to do it by doing

inventory['gold']=inventory['gold'] + 50

Although i'm sure I tried that an hour ago and it didn't accept it...

Anyway it seems to work now, hope it helps.



That just worked for me.


is it possible to make it like thins: inventory[‘gold’] += 50


Yes it is.
I just tried it


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