Its dangerous to go alone


Its dangerous to go alone

Im getting the error message : Oops, try again. Your code looks a bit off. Check the Hint if you need help! Your code threw the following error: invalid syntax (python, line 18).

I've printed it out and it seems to match the description so what should I do?

inventory = {
    'gold' : 500,
    'pouch' : ['flint', 'twine', 'gemstone'], # Assigned a new list to 'pouch' key
    'backpack' : ['xylophone','dagger', 'bedroll','bread loaf']

# Adding a key 'burlap bag' and assigning a list to it
inventory['burlap bag'] = ['apple', 'small ruby', 'three-toed sloth']

# Sorting the list found under the key 'pouch'

# Your code here
inventory['pocket'] = ['sheashell', 'strange berry', 'lint']
inventory['gold'] = inventory['gold'] + 50


Something isn't spelled correctly... Do you see it?


yes sigh i hate my life


lol xD, no need to hate your life


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