It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This (Hooray for Zelda references)


Just glad to see these awesome little references the codecademy guys throw in. Now I am itching to play some Breath of the WIld...


There are plenty of references in the courses,also a lot of monty python :slight_smile:

Its nice :slight_smile:


Yes I have noticed! It definitely makes the exercises a lot more fun, well done to the codecademy staff


I love Zelda games, they're so addictive and fun!!
I haven't played Breath of the Wild but it looks like fun!!
What device do you need to use for Breath of the Wild?


Breath of the Wild is fantastic, I highly recommend it! I got it on the Wii U because I wasn't ready to buy a Switch. But I recommend to get it on the Switch because it performs better on it (better resolution, and lags less), and you would be able to play it on the move which is pretty cool!


You can't play on the 3DS? That's sad :frowning:


Honestly, looking at the switch, I prefer the look of the 3DS.
I kinda wish they just made a better 3DS.


Yeah it's not on the 3DS, you need to keep in mind that the switch is really powerful for handheld standards, it's really impressive that they've got games like Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 and Arms running on a device that small. You should give it a chance! :slight_smile:


Arms? What's that? :smiley:


Chatting about the Switch and Breath of the Wild is making want the switch EVEN MORE!


Arms is a new fighting game Nintendo made for the Switch, check it out on Youtube, it looks quite fun!


I just did and yea that looks cool!!!
Is Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Switch as well as 3DS?


Do you game much?


No, for now the Pokemon games are only for the 3DS. But they are developing a Pokken fighters game for the Switch (a Pokemon fighting game), and they are also making a proper Pokemon game for the Switch but that won't come out for at least a year.

Yeah I enjoy playing video games :stuck_out_tongue: Nintendo games and PC games mainly!




Do you have Steam? (Please say yes)


. :smiley::smiley::smiley: .
' . . . . . . . . . .'


Do you enjoy playing Pokemon fighting games? (I don't, I prefer real Pokemon (Which of course have some fighting but not the same way as Pokken))


I don't really play Pokemon games anymore, but might do once it comes out for the Switch, and yes I play on Steam, but at the moment I mainly play Super Smash Bros Melee (I play it competitively :P)

How about yourself?


What's your name on steam?