It's Better With a Header, what is wrong?


Currently stuck at the It's Better with a Header. I thought I did everything I needed to but I keep receiving an error message.

Receiving error message: Oops, try again. Make sure you put in

tags between your tags.

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> </html> <head> </head> <Title> </title> <body> <h1> Name </h1> </body>


The structure of a HTML document isn't complicated, however it's something you will need to remember "by heart".

You always put at the top to say that the following is a HTML doc.

<html> </html> delimit the content of the HTML document. Everything else goes inside these.

<head> </head> comes right after the opening html tag. You'll find out more about what comes between those later on.

<title> </title> tags take the title of the page. They go inside the head tags.

<body> </body> tags will include everything that will appear on the page. All the text and links and images that you'll put up on the page will be between these tags. The opening body tag comes right after the closing head tag.

With this information, see if you can come up with the right HTML structure for your page :wink:


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