Iterators - Practice

let mystory = 'This is really a test on very set up  is basically practices and literally not extremely true but actually false ';

let SPmystory = mystory.split(' ');

let overusedWords = ['really', 'very', 'basically','neo', 'literally'];

const MoreWords = SPmystory.filter(words =>{
    check (words);

function check (words){
  for(let i = 0; i < overusedWords.length;i++){
    if(words !== overusedWords[i]){
      //check to see  if i increments and the output 
     //should return word that is not in the overusedWords array
      return words;
       return 'same';


Since the ‘return’ stops the for loop from incrementing what else can i use to check each string in my array?

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For reference, see this topic: [How-to] Create a topic that everyone will read

Ok, I’ll fix it

thank you

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