Iterating through Strings - printing the counter

Hi, I’m new to this. Well, I was revising through this chapter and wanted to check if I really understood the solution. I have already looked around for the explanation, so I’m pretty sure I get it. The problem is when I want to print the counter to see how many letters there are. I keep getting “1” . Surely, in this example I should get at least “5”. No? Is there another way of checking the counter??

def get_length(word):
counter = 0
for letter in word:
counter += 1
return counter


Your indentation isn’t clear here, please look at How do I format code in my posts? which shows how to format code on the forums (for indentation reliant code like Python this is very useful :slightly_smiling_face:).

The fact your count only reaches 1 suggests your function is exiting sooner than you expect. Remember that when return is executed the function is finished and a value is passed back to the caller? Double check when this statement is executed.

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Thank you, I hadn’t considered the indentation. It was indented but in the wrong place.
Thank you so much!