It z keep saying Oops try again



Next time, could you post your code? Works better for people who are assisting you.

Anyway, this exercises requires you to use xml syntax (you can search it on google if you are interested) what this means is you need a space between .jpg" and /> in both images to pass the exercise


Actually, you've already pass the test even if it tells you to try again.

The tip is just refresh your current webpage, and click the button, surely it will pass.


It still says oops try again and the code is correct


Okay, so if your code is correct there is nothing for me to do. Okay, now a bit more serious, can i see your code? It is the only way i can help you


ok u can check my code


i don't see any code attached?


I got stuck on this one too, you need a space in between "" and the />