It wont put anything in the console, but it says "way to go!"


The console (i think that's what it is called from console.log) doesn't return anything, But it says "Way to go!"
Here is my code:

var orangeCost() = function (price) {
var val = price * 5};


var orangeCost() = function (price) {

Remove the () after orangeCost.
You need to add console.log after you make the variable price.

var val = price * 5;
console.log (val);

$5.00 is not a definable number, it's a string. Also, it seems you are trying to give the orangeCost a "price" value in two locations.
Instead of:


You should give it a number of oranges you want buy.


I hope that answers your question.


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Thank you now it is logging it :relieved: