It won't let me move off this step! HELP!


for some reason its saying I haven’t changed the font size and won’t let be press next. Even though the font size in the example ‘website’ has clearly changed after I entered my code.

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The second part of that tasks asks you to add another selector, so just put the font-size in its own set of curly brackets :slightly_smiling_face:



I am also having some issue. I did create another selector but still can-t move on.


Hi @webblaster54557, @cylanne ,

The instruction copied:

Add another selector that changes the font-size of the paragraph to 18px.

@cylanne, you need another/new selector. Notice in which HTML element those paragraphs is written? Find that element and use that as your another selector, h1 is already used.

Hope this serves as a hint for you both. :slight_smile:


Got it thank you for the hint. I did realise in the phrasing it was to be different from h1.
Thank you!


Glad that it helps! You’re welcome :smile:


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